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  • OI Defines Cloud Computing

    What’s this “cloud” everyone keeps talking about? With cloud computing, data and programs are accessed and stored over the Internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. “The Cloud” is just a metaphor for the Internet. Remember the days of flowcharts and presentations, in which the Internet was a big, puffy, white cloud accepting connections [...]


    OI’s extensively compatible, web-based platform allows you to increase net profits and improve your business. Our software allows users to scan and scale a PDF of a drawing.  Once you’ve imported your layout, you can add products and move them around the PAD environment. You can even print reports, Excel spreadsheets and create new PDFs. [...]

  • OI’s FF&E Complete Software Solution

    Why wait to increase productivity, decrease expenses and boost your bottom line? OI’s complete FF&E software solution includes extensively compatible modules, so that you can work with Autocad, Revit or BIM. Dealers, manufacturers, designers and business owners can benefit from our multiple modules in a web-based platform. Increase net profits and improve your business with [...]

  • OI proudly spotlights SitOnIt Seating

    OI proudly spotlights SitOnIt Seating: a relatively new manufacturer with fresh ideas, quick turnaround times and custom furniture. Headquartered in Southern California, SitOnIt Seating opened in 1996 with the sole purpose of building a customer-focused seating company with a superior manufacturing process and a “we get it” attitude. This approach to business has led SitOnIt [...]