About Us

OI Inc.

OI, Inc. is an Industry leading Software and Technology Company focused on delivering collaborative productivity enhancement solutions through online innovation of integrated data and technology. With over 25 years of FF&E industry related experience, OI has become the solution for anyone trying to reduce costs and errors while building revenue and productivity within all aspects of the FF&E ecosystem.

Our Collaborative Online FF&E Specification Platform was created to serve as a link between the Dealer, Interior Designer, Building Owner, and Manufacturer. OI provides the ability to create professional sales proposals, specification booklets, cut sheets, etc. within a fraction of the time taken using conventional programs. Our seamless integration within the AutoCAD and Revit drawing environments enhance project design productivity. Multiple data export/import formats enable easy integration with existing order entry, accounting, and other existing enterprise systems. Compatible mobile solutions further increase productivity, facilitate customer collaboration, and accelerate the amount of time to deal closure. OI is the only web based platform that gives you complete control over the FF&E process regardless of your location.

“Having specified, delivered, installed, and managed hundreds of projects with thousands of products, I have experienced many of the best and worst industry practices. We have incorporated 25 years of collaboration with some of the industry’s top FF&E process management professionals to deliver the only complete solution for managing your ongoing projects and facilities. Only with OI can the building owner, specifier, project manager, equipment supplier, installer, move manager, product manufacturer, building occupants, and maintenance team ALL work with a common, collaborative, real-time productivity platform to accomplish their goals.”
John Harvey, CEO